Remember, this is not a game, not a show. You should give money and vodka. The money and vodka is for ongon, the spirit, not for me. You can give any amount but if the ongon is angry it can harm me. Ten thousand tugrik is too little. You should give 20 thousand. You want ritual for how long? 15 minutes? 30 minutes? 1 hour? 20 thousand is good for 15 minutes. You have any special questions for the spirit?

[The shaman ritual started. She wore the shaman costume, she beat the little drums, she whirled like dervish, she sang mantras, she lost consciousness as if she flew to the sky. 15 minutes afterwards, she became a normal woman again]

I have 9 spirits, all are my ancestors. For your questions, I called only one. Here is the answer. Your future is good. If you have a job in the future, it will also be good. Why the answer is only good or bad? Because for detailed questions, you need longer ritual, and more vodka and money, for the spirit, not for me.

Tsetseg, 47, a female shaman from the taiga, northern Mongolia.

Darkhad, Mongolia, 2009

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