Thirty years after the Revolution, thousands of masses formed a human ocean along the Azadi (“Freedom”) Street towards the Azadi Monument. The Revolution in 1979 ended the thousands years history of the Persian kingdom was an important marker in Iranian modern history. The main road was decorated with murals and paintings with theme of anti-US, anti-Israel, anti-Western, and anti-UN. The mass carried slogans deliberately written in English: “Down with USA” and “Down with Israel“. Nearby the Monument, there was a replica of 100-percent Iranian made Omid satellite which was successfully launched to its orbit a week earlier, as if it testify the belief: “Yes, Iran can!” The celebration was held amidst the international sanctions against Iran due to its controversial nuclear program, but President Ahmadinejad delivered speech during the event, emphasizing that Iran had turned into a global superpower.

Tehran, Iran, 2009

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