In majority Shiite Iran, Hossein ibn Ali—the Prophet’s grandson and Ali’s son—has special position in people’s heart. Hossein was killed in the Battle of Karbala when fighting against his enemies in the 7th century. His death is marked as the most important religious event in Iran, known as Ashora, but also nicknamed as “the Festival of Hossein”, and remembered—if not celebrated—in Iran in full swing festivities. The sacrifice of Hossein, the fighting of the virtue of the minority against the vice of the majority, somehow properly fit the image of how Iran sees itself in its journey of history. The adoring of Hossein is deep-rooted in Iranian society, fully manifested in their religious rituals, art and culture. Hossein face is never far away from the people’s life, always placed in respected locations.

Sistan-e-Balechestan, Iran, 2008

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