Tajik young soldiers are paying homage to the great poet Rudaki, in a western Tajikistan village where it is believed his body was buried. Rudaki, was born in 9th century, is considered as the Father of Persian Literature. He was the first poet who wrote in Persian Arabic script.

There is a legendary story about Rudaki. Once Nasr II the king of Samanid kingdom was enjoying the beauty of Herat (in present-day Afghanistan) and deciding to settle down as if he forgot his throne in Bukhara (in present-day Uzbekistan). Rudaki was anxious about this. He made the famous poem about the Muliyan and Amu River in Bukhara, and read in front of the king, to remind him of his true homeland. Listened to the poem, the king immediately ran away to his horse, even forgetting to wear his shoes, rode nonstop all the way to his beloved Bukhara.

“In this village, all people, even the smallest children, can read Rudaki’s poems by heart,” say the local village teacher, “Because Rudaki’s poems already mixed with our blood.”


Panjrud, Panjakent, Tajikistan, 2015

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