Darra Adam Khel is a small village in the North Western Frontier Province (now Khyber Pakhtunwa) of Pakistan, near the Afghanistan border. The economy of the village is driven by only one business: the manufacture and sale of illegal arms. The village consists only of a single main street, of which both sides are lined with shops selling revolvers, automatic pistols, shotguns and Kalashnikovs. These are manufactured by the villagers from scrap metals from shipyards using simple hand tools and a small drill press, inside hundreds of closet-sized rooms located in the back alleys and side streets. Nearly seventy-five percent of the population is involved in the gun business. The gunsmiths of Darra Adam Khel posses the skills to produce replicas of almost any arms on the market, from anti-aircraft guns to small concealable pen-guns. They learned the skills to produce the arms from their parents, generation to generation. A large number of guns and ammunition used by the Taliban allegedly has been traced back to this village.

Darra Adam Khel, NWFP, Pakistan, 2006

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