The Islamic Republic regime in Iran adopts strict regulations on how people should dress. Women are supposed to cover their hair and hide their body shape. But under strict religious law, you can always find little “rebellions” here and there in Iran. Some “rebelling” women, especially the young from higher class in big cities, would prefer to wear thick make-up on their face and beautify their hair. They still cover their hair as urged by the government, but they only wear hejab (headscarf) as mini as possible. Some girls even wear hejab only as wide as your palm, allowing them to show the front and back parts of their beautifully colored hair. The government often launches operation to control the behavior of their young citizens, and their target includes men in overly tight shirts or having trendy hairstyle, women with mini hejab and cosmetics, or unmarried couple being together in public place. 

Shiraz, Iran, 2009

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