Pamir is a mountain range located at the northeastern end of Afghanistan. The way to Pamir from the closest settlement of the Wakhan Corridor is a deadly two to five day journey on horseback, passing through dangerous gorges along the Pamir River. The sand is slippery, the path is only one-foot wide, and the gorge is about 1,000 meter deep. Once upon a time, this road was part of the southern branch of the ancient Silk Road. Until some decades ago, the Afghan merchant caravans still pass through this road on their way to China. But as China closed its border with Afghanistan in 1949, the thousand years Silk Road finally died. Nevertheless, ancient trade still continues. Afghan caravans still pass through this road, bringing goods from lowland Afghanistan to sell to the Kirghiz nomads staying at the top of Pamir.

Pamir, Wakhan Corridor, 2008

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