In the mountainous Tajikistan and northern Afghanistan, it’s not uncommon to see people having natural green or blue eyes and blond hair. The Tajiks are the descendants of an ancient Persian people who have inhabited Central Asia for thousands of years, far before the arrival of Turkic and Mongol nomads. The Caucasian trait is very obvious among the Tajiks, especially compared to other Central Asian nations who have blending of Turkic and Mongoloid blood. Some say, the Caucasian trait of the Tajiks is inherited from the soldiers of Alexander the Great (known locally as “Sikander” and is still is a common name for the boys) from Macedonia who expanded his military campaign to Central Asia, some 3 centuries BC. But archaeological finding of ancient mummies testified that the area around Taklamakan basin in Central Asia was inhabited by Caucasoid people even some thousand years Before Christ.

Khorog, GBAO, Tajikistan, 2006

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